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Alternate weekly bin collections

We are thinking about changing our bin collections, and switching to alternate weekly collections. One week we would collect general waste (from your green bin) and the next week we would collect your recycling (grey bins). So, we would still visit your home every week to make collections but these collections would be of different types of waste.

At the moment we get a Government grant to help us keep collecting rubbish from your green bin every week. But this money runs out in 2017 and we need to decide what we do after that.  If we change to alternate weekly collections, and recycle more, it could save the Council and Council taxpayers up to £1.5m a year.

If we recycle more, a switch to alternate weekly collections should not be a problem

The right things in the right bins

A switch to alternate weekly  collections shouldn’t need to mean big changes for you at home.

The easiest thing you can do to help make this change work is just be sure that you put the right things in the right bins.  If you recycle everything that you can, there will be less waste, and more space, in your green general waste bin. Continue reading Alternate weekly bin collections

Bin days and recycling over Christmas and New Year

We are determined not to miss any bin collection days over the festive season, particularly as you might have a lot of wrapping paper and empty bottles that you want to recycle.

If one of your regular bin days falls on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day we will empty it on a different day.  These changes apply to both recycling collections and general waste collections:

  • If one of your bins was due to be emptied on Christmas Day (Thursday), it will be emptied on Monday, 22 December.
  • If one of your bins was due to be emptied on Boxing Day (Friday), it will be emptied on Saturday, 27 December.
  • If one of your bins was due to be emptied on New Year’s Day (Thursday), it will be emptied on Monday, 29 December.

All other bin days remain as normal.

Get a bin day reminder on our app

If you are now thinking, “that’s great, but please can you remind me the day before?” the answer is, “Actually, yes we can”.  If you have installed our mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you can get an alert the day before any of your bins are due out.  We have told the app about the changes over the festive season, so it will give you the correct date.

You can also check your bin day on our website or look at the recycling calendar we sent out to every household.

Recycling Christmas trees

Recycle your Christmas treeThere are over six million real Christmas trees bought across the UK each year, of which only about 10% are recycled. Let’s see if we can go way beyond that 10% in the Bradford District this year. Continue reading Bin days and recycling over Christmas and New Year