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How can we all improve education in Bradford?

We all want to improve educational achievement in the district. Learning starts at birth and continues for life – inside and outside formal education. So the changes we need can’t happen unless we all work together.

We are proposing a Bradford Education Covenant to set out what we can all do to improve education – as a council, as schools, as businesses, as individuals, as a community and with government support. We want everyone in the district to take part in the Covenant, so we need you to tell us what you think is important and what needs to change.

What we will offer

As a local authority we pledge to:

  • keep schools and education a top priority
  • challenge and support schools to rapidly improve
  • make better use of top schools and headteachers by spreading their best practice
  • recruit, retain and develop high quality teachers and headteachers
  • work with national government to provide enough school places
  • strongly support families and children in the early years to ensure all children are school ready
  • work closely with businesses to get young people ready for work and life
  • make full use of the district’s unique cultural and creative learning opportunities for young people.

What we ask

We are asking for the following support: Continue reading How can we all improve education in Bradford?

Local helpline after the Hajj tragedy

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the terrible tragedy during the Hajj pilgrimage at Mina, near the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

As Muslims locally and around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha, families in Bradford and many other places are waiting anxiously for information about their loved ones.

Telephone helplines

Anyone worried about friends or family can call a national helpline on 020 7008 1500. In addition, the Council for Mosques has established a local hotline, 07990 021732, for people who are concerned about their relatives and friends.

Alternate weekly bin collections

We are thinking about changing our bin collections, and switching to alternate weekly collections. One week we would collect general waste (from your green bin) and the next week we would collect your recycling (grey bins). So, we would still visit your home every week to make collections but these collections would be of different types of waste.

At the moment we get a Government grant to help us keep collecting rubbish from your green bin every week. But this money runs out in 2017 and we need to decide what we do after that.  If we change to alternate weekly collections, and recycle more, it could save the Council and Council taxpayers up to £1.5m a year.

If we recycle more, a switch to alternate weekly collections should not be a problem

The right things in the right bins

A switch to alternate weekly  collections shouldn’t need to mean big changes for you at home.

The easiest thing you can do to help make this change work is just be sure that you put the right things in the right bins.  If you recycle everything that you can, there will be less waste, and more space, in your green general waste bin. Continue reading Alternate weekly bin collections

British Science Festival is back in Bradford

From 7 to 18 September Bradford will come alive with science with the British Science Festival, and its fringe festival. Events are happening across the city from the University of Bradford campus to Bombay stores and the National Media Museum to the North Parade area.

British Science Festival

The core British Science Festival, from Monday, 7 to Thursday, 10 September, features a daytime and evening programme of events aimed at adults with a broad interest in science. The four days of free events will bring a vibrant array of performances, talks, workshops, discussions, installations and entertainment all dedicated to showing how science touches our lives and impacts on our society.

You could expand your horizons at Underwater landscapes, a talk about the sea floor and underwater geology. Or just have a giggle at George Egg: anarchist cook, science comedy straight from the Edinburgh Fringe. Other highlights will include investigations into who owns outer space, the science behind hip-hop, and the psychology of creativity!

This science extravaganza is immediately followed by a Festival fringe, from Friday, 11 to Friday 18 September, which focuses on events for schools and families. Continue reading British Science Festival is back in Bradford