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Find free local Wi-Fi and Pokémon GO locations with the Bradford Council app

In the latest update to the Bradford Council mobile app, we have added all our public free Wi-Fi points and local Pokémon GO locations to the map.

You won’t need to download an updated version of the app from the App Store to see these new locations. You will just need to make sure the content of your app is up-to-date. If you are using the app over Wi-Fi, the content will regularly update automatically. If you are using your mobile data, you may need to update the content manually. Simply tap on the updates menu along the bottom of the app, and then tap the downward arrow next to each item to download the updates.

App update cotent
How to update content in the Bradford Council app

Once your app content is up-to-date, you will see new location categories for free public Wi-Fi, Pokémon GO Gyms and Pokémon GO PokéStops. Just tap on the Locations tile on the app homepage and you will see all the location categories.

Location categories on Bradford Council app

Find Bradford Council’s free public Wi-Fi points

Now you will be able to easily use our app to find our free Wi-Fi in the Bradford district. You can browse a list of our public Wi-Fi points, or view them all pinned on the map. If you enter a search term, both the list and the area map will be filtered to match your search.

So, now when you are out and about and don’t have access to mobile data, you can easily find our nearest free Wi-Fi point whether you are working or playing. Speaking of playing… Continue reading Find free local Wi-Fi and Pokémon GO locations with the Bradford Council app

How to get Bradford Festival alerts on your phone

At Bradford Festival this weekend you can get notifications on your phone about activities and performances that are about to begin as well as other festival information.

Your phone (or tablet) will need:

  • The latest version of the Bradford Council app. It has been updated this week to version 5.4.6 on Android and version 7.3.11 on iOS.
  • Bluetooth turned on.
  • A data connection, either through your own 3G/4G or via the free City Park Wi-Fi.

If you have all those things, you’ll be able to get our festival notifications.

The first time you walk into City Park during the festival you will get a push notification asking you if you want to subscribe to festival alerts.

Bradford Council app alert for Bradford Festival
This alert from our app will let you subscribe to further notifications about Bradford Festival

If you open this notification and subscribe to further alerts, you will then get notifications at the relevant times for things that are about to start. Each message will give you an option to unsubscribe if you no longer want to get the notifications.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the University of Bradford on this project. The expertise of their mobile technology staff has been brilliant.

To send these notifications just to people within a small area we are using iBeacons owned by the University. The beacons are small battery-powered transmitters in fixed locations which emit a Bluetooth signal. This signal is detected by our app and this creates each alert sent to your device.

We’re really keen to trial new technology to improve the way we communicate with people and to enhance people’s experience and enjoyment of events. That’s why we are also trying out Snapchat for the first time at this year’s Bradford Festival.

The use of these iBeacons is a pilot and we would really value your feedback if you subscribe to these notifications.  We would love to find out if they worked as you expected and if they added to your festival experience. Continue reading How to get Bradford Festival alerts on your phone

App update for Android – you can now delete all alerts

Good news if you use our mobile app on an Android phone or tablet: you can now delete all alerts at the same time. Update your app to the latest version to start deleting.

To delete alerts go to the alerts screen then press and hold any alert.  This will show a new menu at the top of the screen.  You can then select several (or all) alerts, and delete them together.

How to delete multiple alerts on Android app
How to delete multiple alerts on our Android app

This update brings our Android app up to speed with our iPhone and iPad app which was updated in April, and we are delighted that all app users can now delete multiple alerts.

Continue reading App update for Android – you can now delete all alerts

App update – you can now delete multiple alerts

In the latest update to our mobile app you can now delete more than one alert at once. In fact you can now delete all alerts at the same time.

Lots of people have been using our app to get alerts about bin days, school closures or job vacancies. Lots of you have said that you wanted to be able to delete more than one alert at once.  So we have prioritised this development work and in the latest version of the app you can easily select multiple alerts to delete together.

Delete multiple alerts on app


The latest version of the Bradford Council app is available in the Apple App Store now. We are still testing the Android version, but we hope to put the latest version in the Google Play Store very soon.

If you have any other feedback about the app, please get in touch. You can contact us through the app, on Twitter and Facebook, or by leaving a comment on this blog.

And don’t forget, you can vote for our app in the Digital Leaders 100 awards.

Vote for the Bradford Council app in the Digital Leaders 100

Our app is in the running for a Digital Leaders award and you can vote for it now.

We are delighted that the Bradford Council app has been included in the 2015 Digital Leaders 100 list. The list is split into 10 categories, and our app is in the best citizen services app category.

Never forget your bin day

More than 10,000 people have downloaded our app since we launched it in May 2014. The most popular feature of the app so far has been bin day reminders. If you haven’t tried it, you simply enter your address, and you will get an alert the night before any of your bins are due out. You need never forget your bin day again.

Our app can also send you alerts for emergency school closures, tailored to the schools you use, and new Council job vacancies.

Get the Bradford Council app

Report issues

You can also use the app to report various issues, including missed bin collections, potholes and faulty street lights.

Download and vote for the app

If you haven’t got the Bradford Council app yet, you can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. And please vote for our app in the Digital Leaders awards!

Digital Leaders 100 awards 2015

Get bin day reminders on your phone

We’ve all forgotten to put our bin out at some point. You’re lying in bed in the morning and you hear the familiar sound of the bin wagon in the street. You dash downstairs in your dressing gown and run after the wagon, dragging your bin behind you in the hope you can catch them up.

OK, maybe you don’t actually do that. But you need never forget your bin day again if you download our mobile app.

You can get a reminder from the Bradford Council app the evening before your bin is due out.  You’ll get the alert at about tea time telling you that your general waste, recycling, or garden waste are due to be collected the next day.

Other alerts – job vacancies and school closures

You can also get alerts for new Council job vacancies and unscheduled school closures. We are currently working on more alerts for the app too. If you sign up for updates from this blog, we’ll let you know when we add new features to the app.

Where to download our app

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can download the Bradford Council app from the Apple App Store. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

The Bradford Council website has more information about what you can do with our app.

Have you used our app? Is there anything else you would like it to do? If so, leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.