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Keep the clucking noise down, chuck!

18 to 23 May is Noise Action Week and this year we are looking at the noise problems of keeping cockerels, especially in urban areas.

Our Environmental Health team has seen a near 400% increase in the number of complaints received about cockerels in the past five years, from 38 in 2009-10 to 147 in year 2014-15.

Keeping poultry in an urban environment can cause a number of problems including noise, vermin and odours.

If you keep poultry, in particular a cockerel, please consider your neighbours and don’t fall foul of the law.  You have a duty to make sure that your cockerel does not cause a nuisance.

If someone’s cockerel is causing a nuisance you can report the noise on our website or call our Environmental Health team on 01274 434366.  The owner could be served with a legal notice which requires the nuisance to be stopped. If they don’t comply they could face a fine of up to £5000.