2016 elections: where to vote and how to follow

There are elections on Thursday, 5 May. If you will be voting on the day you will have been sent a poll card before the election telling you where to vote.  If you need to check which polling station you should vote at, you can see all Bradford District polling stations on our website.

All polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

This year there are Bradford District elections for seats on Bradford Council and also an election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Yorkshire area. When you go to your polling station, you will be given a separate ballot paper for each election.

Counting your votes and declaring results

The Bradford District election count will start at 9.30am on Friday, 6 May. We will publish results on our website as they are declared and we will tweet each result using the hashtag #bradfordvotes.

This year you can also watch live online as the Bradford District election results are declared on Friday morning.

The Police and Crime Commissioner count will start at 2pm on Friday, 6 May. The results of this election will be published on the Wakefield Council website.

Journey of your vote

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens to your vote after you have put it into the ballot box?

After the polling stations close sealed ballot boxes are taken to the count venues for verification. The Returning Officer and count staff in ward teams empty the ballot boxes for verification.

The verification process checks that the number of ballot papers in the ballot boxes tallies with the numbers of ballot papers issued.

After verification, the ballot papers (each representing an individual’s vote) are counted. Each ward in the District is counted separately by a team of count staff.

Spoiled ballot papers are discounted. A ballot paper is classed as spoiled if:

  • it is not clear which candidate someone wanted to vote for, or
  • if they have written a comment on the ballot paper whereby they can be identified, or
  • if they have voted for more than one candidate.

If the result is close a recount may be requested by a candidate or their agent. Some seats on the Council are won and lost by a handful of votes. So your vote does really count.

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