Making our new website live

Today we have made our new website live at

We launched the beta version of our website on Monday, 29 February 2016. Since then almost 2,000 people have visited the website, and many of those visitors have sent us very useful feedback about the website’s design and information.

What information is on the new website?

We have moved our most used information and online forms onto our new website. This makes up almost 50% of the content that we know needs moving. We’ll be moving the rest in the coming months. While reviewing our content we have also taken the opportunity to work with Council departments to rewrite web pages in plain English.

The information that we haven’t moved yet is still available on our old website at

What to do if you can’t find what you’re looking for

If you haven’t found what you want on our new website, it is possible that we haven’t yet moved that content from our old website. Please try the website search. We’ve added a link to the bottom of the search results on our new website so that you can search our old site for the information.

Can't find what you want on our new website? Search our old site.
Can’t find what you want on our new website? Search our old site.

Will there be broken links?

The way our new website makes web page addresses (known as URLs) is different to the way our old website worked. Every page on our new website has a different URL to the corresponding page on the old site. This means that all existing links to, or between, pages on our old website have now changed.

As an example, this is the URL for the page on our old website about what goes in your bins:

On our new website, the URL for that page is now:

We have set up the new website so that most links should not break, and links to pages on our old website should take you to where you need to go.

If you do find a link that is broken, please try searching our new website. if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Rate this page

Every page of our new website has a “rate this page” option. We have read all your comments submitted using Rate this page, and we have made changes to the website based on those comments. For example, we have changed the home page design and improved the site search.

Please carry on sending us your feedback, as it helps us to make the website better for you.

Just because it’s now our live site, doesn’t mean we have finished it

We have made the website live, but that doesn’t mean that we think it’s finished yet. over the coming weeks, we will continue to move content from our old website to the new site. We will then turn off the old website.

We will then carry on making changes to the design, the content, and the way that the website works. thank you for your continued feedback to help us make the website work for you.

By Helen Valentine

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