Updates to our new website as of 11 March

We launched our beta website at the end of February and asked you to try it out and tell us what you think of it. It’s important that we get your views on the new site, so that we can make it work for you.

In our last blog post we explained how we are developing the new website. Over the next couple of months we will be moving more content to the new website, adding more functionality to it (such as new page templates), and making changes to the design. We plan to make changes to the website once a week, and we will put a summary of those changes here on our blog.

Changes made between 29 February and 11 March

We have added these sections of content

Births, marriages and deaths

  • Register a birth or a death
  • Get a copy certificate
  • Fees

We will add more of the births, marriages and deaths information in the coming months.

Benefits and Council Tax

All of our benefits and Council Tax information has been added.

Your Council

  • Elections
  • Council budgets and spending
  • How Bradford Council works
  • Your councillors
  • Meetings, reports and agendas

We have made these changes to the functionality

  1. BrowsealoudWe have added Browsealoud to the website. You can use this to read the website to you. There is a link to it in the footer of every page.
  2. We have added some online forms, for example the form to contact the Street Naming and Numbering Service.

We have made these changes to the design

Changes to the home page

  1. The Browse this site link has a new design, and it is now closer to the top of the page.
  2. The Twitter feed has been moved further down the page if you are using a mobile phone.

We’ve made these changes because you told us that the Browse this site link was important, and that it needed to be nearer the top of the page, and because you said that you wanted to see the A to Z of services and What’s on above the Twitter feed on a mobile phone screen.

Job vacancies page

We have changed the layout of the jobs page so it looks better on mobile phones

Text size

We have made some changes to the size of text on various pages to make it easier to see on different screens.


We have changed the search icon because you said that the old one looked like a ping pong bat. 😀

Thank you for your comments

Thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback. If you want to send us your comments on the new website, you can use the “Rate this page” link which is on every page of the beta website, talk to us on Twitter or Facebook, or send us an email through our current website.

By Helen Valentine

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