Striking a New Deal for our district

We need to make a New Deal for Bradford District with local people, communities, partners and businesses. We want local people and businesses to tell us their ideas about how things could be done differently and what people should be able to expect from the Council and other organisations, as national funding for public services continues to be cut.

We are inviting people to events where they can give us their views about what services are most important to local communities and businesses, what services matter less and could be stopped or changed, what people could do differently to help and what support people need to do more things for themselves.

Government funding for our services has been cut by over £100 million in the last few years and the reductions are set to continue. lnflation and rising demand for services mean that the size of the cuts we have had to make is even higher.

By April 2015 the Council will have cut its spending by over £170 million since 2011. Between now and 2020 the money for our services is forecast to reduce by another £130 million. That’s nearly a third, from £420 million today to around £290 million in 2020.

Other organisations that provide public services like the police and NHS also have to reduce spending. So we all need to work together, including with voluntary and community organisations, to make the most of all our resources and continue to make the Bradford District a better place.

Have your say at our public New Deal events

Around thirty people attended the first public New Deal event in Bingley on 28 October, After seeing a presentation from Council Leader David Green, they divided up into groups for discussions before feeding back their views and ideas.

We would encourage you to come along to one of our forthcoming meetings to give your point of view. These future New Deal events are:

  • Bradford city centre on 6 November
  • Keighley on 13 November
  • Shipley on 20 November
  • Thornbury on 14 January
  • Odsal on 22 January
  • Clayton on 28 January
  • Ilkley on 5 February

To reserve a place visit the New Deal section of our website.

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