Improving the mobile experience on our website

About 45% of people who visit our website are using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). We have made some changes to the way the website works to improve the experience for people using these smaller screens.

The biggest change you will notice is on our homepage, where we focused on the things we know people use the most. On a smartphone, the first things you will now see are a search box, the A-Z and a list of top tasks.

Homepage on a smartphone before and after changes

We have made more subtle changes to other pages of the website. On a smartphone, the main navigation menu now sits below the content on most of our pages, rather than to the left. This allows the main section of the page to look bigger, filling the whole width of the phone’s screen. If you need to use the main menu on your smartphone, just swipe down the page and you will see it at the bottom.

Swimming page on a smartphone before and after changes

Our online forms work differently to the information pages on our website.  But we have also made changes to most of the forms to make them easier to use on a phone.  Examples include the forms to request bulky waste collection or to report street lighting problems. As well as being used on our website, these forms are also used on our mobile app, so it is doubly important that they work well on smaller screens.

Mobile forms now work better on smartphones

We have also made changes to the way our website works on larger screens (PCs and laptops). Screen sizes, and resolutions, have got bigger since we made our current website. The website now uses more of the available space to appear wider on larger screens.

We have made these improvements using the system we already had, rather than building a whole new website. Some sections of our website run from different systems, and these have not yet been made mobile-friendly.  These include planning, committee minutes, payments, and benefits application forms. Our next step will be to make some of these easier to use on mobile devices.

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